ROGUE TERRITORY Indigo Selvedge Canvas Work Shirt - One Year Review


The Rogue Territory Indigo Selvedge Canvas (ISC) is in our opinion one of the best indigo dyed work shirts to fade. This selvedge canvas made in Japan exclusively for RGT is completely drenched in indigo. Brand new off the rack, it is quite stiff and crunchy. 

 The rigidity of the Indigo Selvedge Canvas makes it form extremely well to your body over time just like a good pair of selvedge denim jeans. The fabric softens in areas it needs to, making it feel like a custom tailored piece. The initial crispness makes the honeycomb stacks in the arms very sharp, leading to stark contrast fades after a number of wears.Josh's personal ISC shirt was worn over the period of a year. It didn't take many wears for him to notice fading. This ISC shirt has been washed once. As you can see in the photos, you will begin to notice nice roping in the pockets, the natural color of the cotton revealing itself on the edges of the collar, and a nice crosshatching texture.If you appreciate the art of indigo dyeing, or are just getting into high quality garments, the Rogue Territory Indigo Selvedge Canvas work shirt will be a staple in your wardrobe. 



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