Type 3s Denim Jacket


Our Type 3s denim jacket pays homage to the classic Type III design with a few notable differences. It begins with our flagship 14.5oz 120x shadow selvedge denim that will fade with high contrast. The body has been slightly lengthened and we've added hand pockets that are lined with a Japanese fine wale black corduroy. Absent from the jacket are the standard Type III back seams and waist cinches; we opted to give the back of the jacket a cleaner design by replacing the original yoke with our trademark crossed back.We have made significant updates to the fit of this jacket based on feedback we have received over the years. The chest and arms have been opened up significantly and the jacket features a more relaxed fit overall. Please double check the updated measurements before purchasing, especially if you've owned a Type 3s jacket from us in the past.

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