The Flat Head

10oz Denim Work Shirt



・ 10oz denim (old-fashioned shuttle loom)
・ Metal button
・ Main part winding stitch (triple stitch)
・ One wash
     color: Blue


A denim work shirt that allows you to enjoy crisp vertical drop

A work shirt made from the original 10oz denim fabric with just the right amount of elasticity.
The uneven fabric woven by the old shuttle loom has a clear vertical drop, and you can enjoy the unique aging.

10oz denim (old-fashioned shuttle loom)

The uneven denim fabric unique to the old-fashioned shuttle loom shows clear vertical fading and sharp discoloration as it ages. The 10oz denim fabric, which has a moderate elasticity and is not too heavy and easy to wear.


There is a ventilation hole under the armpit to release heat and improve ventilation.
It is also one of the details that seems to be work wear.

Metal button

Uses metal buttons painted black.
As the buttons rub, the paint gradually peels off, and when the metal of the ground is seen, the vintage feel increases.


Triangular gusset

Triangular gussets are attached to both sides of the hem.
This detail is found in vintage shirts and is said to have been added to reinforce the mating hem.
The flat head is sewn with sufficient strength, but it has a gusset in the sense of design rather than reinforcement.

Triple stitch

The main part is sewn with triple stitch winding with 3 needles.
It is stronger than the double stitch of two needles and has a workwear-like detail. On the back side, the red color is used for the central thread, which can be used as an accent to the appearance when rolling up the arms.

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