Iron Heart

21oz Selvedge Denim Super Slim Jeans - Indigo IH-555-01


Medium/high rise super slim 555 cut made out of our signature 21oz indigo selvedge denim. This denim is where it all began for Iron Heart - it is heavy, tough, yet soft and extremely breathable. Because of the double twisted weft construction, this denim moulds to an individual's body shape like no other denim.

  • Made in Japan
  • Super-slim cut
  • Medium/High rise
  • 21oz Japanese selvedge denim
  • Woven with a double twisted weft yarn
  • Lined rear pockets
  • Button fly and hidden rivets
  • Belt loops sewn into waistband
  • Poly/cotton constructional stitching
  • Selvedge side seams and fly construction
  • Sanforized and one-washed - little to no shrinkage to be expected
  • The waist will stretch out approximately one inch with wear
  • Other dimensions will stretch proportionately to the waist


  • Indigo 21oz Selvedge Denim - Face
  • •    Sanforized
    •    Right hand twill
    •    White weft, indigo rope dyed warp
    Our signature denim, we achieve bulk by making the weft from 2 twisted yarns.  We weave under fairly low tension to achieve an amazingly soft but super thick denim which moulds and drapes particularly well.  The weft is quite slubby and the denim has a lovely 'hand made'  feel to it.  Fades with fairly low contrast.

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