Blue "Heritage" Bandana

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Back before BANDITS even had a website, we reached out to Ben to help us create a logo for our new bandana concept. Based on just a few chats about our vision, what ben created for us was nothing short of iconic. At first sight, that logo made BANDITS real - something that lived not just as an idea but as a real, tangible brand. Ben's logo inspired us to build a brand that lived up to the cool, quiet confidence of our new bandana-clad mascot. So, in honor of BANDITS 4th Anniversary....

We went back to Ben for another iconic design, and once again... he delivered! Set in two classic colorways, our "Heritage" bandana celebrates how far BANDITS has come in our mission to support artists, support charities, and build a BETTER bandana. It honors the people who helped us along the way and the positive impact we've created together. It reminds us that the heart of BANDITS will always be tied to the hustle, the humility, and the gratitude we learned in building this brand from the ground up.

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