Cardigan- Olive


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Size 5/XXL

Made of 100% cotton, it is easy to wash and care for, so you can use it without hesitation. The single ridge weave stabilizes the fabric so that it does not stretch too much. In addition, a fabric patch is applied to the back to prevent stretching, and the placket button holes are reinforced with twilled tape.

Using a low-gauge knitting machine, the single ridge knit fabric with large ridges on the surface has a very rich expression by using a special thread with a strong uneven shape like hand-spun. The raw materials for the buttons are processed palm nuts, Since it is a natural material, it has the disadvantages of changing color and being more prone to deterioration than resin buttons, but the natural texture is very attractive. The fabric weighs 11.8 ounces.

Duncan Is wearing a size 2 at 5-10, 150lbs 

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