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From Good Art:

Numbers and letters for sizes can be confusing. Usually the first size I make is the one I want to use, and it becomes the baseline or A size. After that I decide if I'll make other sizes. The first is usually the A or 1. So the letters or numbers going up are bigger sizes like B, C 2, 3 etc.

This one is the A size and about it's about 7.5mm wide. This chain is finished as always with the Model 9 clasp, a sculpture of impress function on it's own.

Our Curb chain is unique for a few but important reasons. We make our metals here, we buy pure elements like gold, silver, copper and we blend them here in the foundry to make the alloys we use to cast. It may seem like incredible and almost absurd lengths to go to for every piece, but these are just the orders of the day. We put that much care into everything we do. We're after that last little bit of goodness that comes from sparring no expense of time or effort.

Sterling silver, stainless steel spring. Made by hand in Good Art's foundry in Los Angeles. 

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