The Flat Head


$250 $275

1950s-60s vintage-inspired fabric

Uses a twill weave fabric that has a moderate sense of pulling out using uneven threads.
By dyeing without mercerizing (processing to remove fluff from the thread), it is finished in a matte and classic color.
Chino trousers are characterized by the flesh and tension of the dough that has been driven to the limit.
High-density twill weaves are easily scratched, and looms that can be woven neatly are very rare.

Wide tapered chino with a beautiful silhouette that hangs on the hem while having a solid thickness.
It has a high casual feel and is recommended for rough dressing.

・ COTTON100% (old-fashioned shuttle loom)
・ Zipper fly
・ Main part winding stitch
・ One wash
・ Color: Olive


There are two tacks on the front.

The waist is loose and comfortable to wear.

Wind sewing

The part where the load is applied is sewn by winding to increase the strength.


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