The Flat Head

FN-SDW-001LC Denim Western Shirt

$245 $315

 10oz denim (old-fashioned shuttle loom)
・ Real aged processing
・ Natural yellow shell button
・ Main part winding stitch (2-needle winding sewing)

Real-aged denim western shirt

Uses 10oz denim fabric that seeks a clear vertical drop that appears when you wear it with the dark indigo that is characteristic of the flat head.
With reference to the denim shirt that has changed over time due to actual wearing, the vertical discoloration and discoloration due to puckering are realistically expressed.

10oz denim (old-fashioned shuttle loom)

Uses an original fabric woven for the characteristic vertical fading and sharp discoloration of flat head denim.
You can enjoy clear shades of color and vertical drop due to the uneven fabric that changes over time.
As it is a light ounce fabric, it has a light feel and a wide range of coordination from single use to layering.

Selvedge unique to shuttle looms

One of the vintage details, the back of the placket is made of Mimi (edge), which is a proof of weaving with a shuttle loom.

Natural yellow butterfly button

A snap button that uses the expressive yellow butterfly shell that changes color depending on the viewing angle.
The expression of the yellow butterfly shell is used as it is without coding the surface.

Triangular gusset

Triangular gussets are attached to both sides of the hem.
This detail is found in vintage shirts and is said to have been added to reinforce the mating hem.
The flat head is sewn with sufficient strength, but it has a gusset in the sense of design rather than reinforcement.

2-needle winding stitch

The main parts that form the shirt, including the armholes, are sewn with a two-needle chain stitch sewing machine.
As well as increasing the strength, the two-needle winding stitch with cotton thread creates unevenness called puckering due to the shrinkage of the sewing thread and the fabric as it is worn.
The discoloration of the denim fabric by puckering is an attractive detail that "increases the texture the more you wear it."

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