Lightweight Type 3s Denim Jacket 122x


  • 12oz shadow denim woven in Okayama, Japan
  • 100% cotton 8oz twill pocketing
  • Once rinsed
  • Zigzag stand-collar reinforcement stitching
  • Gunmetal YKK shanks
  • Crossed back yoke
  • Made in USA

  The body has been slightly lengthened and 3sixteen has added hand pockets that are lined with 100% cotton 8oz twill pocketing . Absent from the jacket are the standard Type III back seams and waist cinches; 3sixteen opted to give the back of the jacket a cleaner design by replacing the original yoke with their trademark crossed back. Their Lightweight Type 3s Jacket features the same 12oz lightweight denim that is found in their bottoms collection, and just like the jeans, it features a light garment rinse and line dry to soften the fabric and give it a broken-in feel.

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