X Milestone Bag in Khaki

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Style 02820

For the main body fabric, we use No.11 flame-retardant canvas, which is often used for military purposes. The fabric features cotton for the warp yarn and flame-retardant yarn for the weft yarn, with shading achieved by dyeing twice. By dyeing in slightly different shades, the fabric is deepened. Although the weft yarn is a synthetic fiber, it has a natural texture like cotton canvas because it is a spun yarn. ordinary cotton will burn and spread once it is lit, but by using flame-retardant thread, this fabric has an autolysis function even if it is lit. The LOI value (limiting oxygen index), which indicates the incombustibility of fiber, is 30, with flame retardancy recognised above 26. Normal cotton is about 18, nylon and polyester are about 20. The larger the number, the harder it is to burn.For the attached fabrics other than No.02822, polyester is used, which looks like cotton but is lighter and more robust, and is woven with 600d yarn both vertically and horizontally. After dyeing, it is water repellent with the back side PVC treated to improve waterproofness and strength. The interior fabric facing the outside is a flame-retardant chloroplane. This flame-retardant material, which is topped with aluminum and coated with aluminum on the surface, is hard to burn and uses a heat-resistant structure.The soft texture, which is also a characteristic of rubber, is not easily affected by the outside temperature. This flame-retardant processing is also used for emergency bags and is certified for disaster prevention. The reflective tape placed on the front has a smooth and flat surface covered with a reflective layer that works even if moisture such as rain adheres to it. Therefore, a light source refracted by water can also be reflected on the surface.

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