Milestone X Master-Piece 2WAY Tote Bag in Olive

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The main body fabric is using the 11th flame retardant sawfras that imaged the fabric used for military. Cotton on the vertical yarn, use flame retardant threads on the yoko yarn, and it is deepened by dyeing twice and dyeing a slightly different shade, and it has a deep dough. The yoko yarn is a fiber-fiber, but is finished in a natural texture like cotton canvas for span threads. If it is a normal cotton, it will spread once a fire spreads once, but using a flame-retardant thread, there is a self-digestion function with fire by using flame-retardant threads. When the LOI value (limit oxygen index) indicating hardness of the fiber is 26 or more, this flame retardant can be found, and this flame retardant sawfield is 30. A normal cotton is about 18, nylon and polyester are about 20, and the larger number is a material that is hard to burn. The attached fabric other than No. 02822 uses a polyester that is more lightweight and robust, with a lighter and robustness, and uses polyester octos woven with 600D yarns. Is. After staining, water repellent processing is performed and the back surface is also processed on the back to increase waterproofness and strength. The outwardly furniture facing outwardly, the chloroplaroplaro plane of flame retardant is tapped, and it is difficult to burn on the surface of the aluminum, and it is difficult to burn, and use a fabric with a strong thermal structure. Also, soft texture, which is also the characteristic of rubber, is characterized in that it is difficult to influence the outside air temperature. This flame retardant is also used for emergency holding bags, etc., and is a fabric that has taken disaster prevention certification. The reflect tape disposed on the front is also covered with the reflective layer on a smooth and flat surface even if water is attached to the rain, so it can also reflect the refracted light source. The Master-Piece name has a flexible change with about 39 degrees or more and has the ability to alert at high temperatures. No.02820, No.02821 has a Cest Belt, No. 02822, and No.02823 with a whistle feature. The main fastener slider has a keyhole, and you can enhance security by attaching your lock. Outdoor Brand "Milestone" Headlamp MS-G2 / USB Multi Function Model Belt Impact Coloring Master-Piece Original Camouflage Design. Set up a collaboration specification that comes with a sub-belt for installation to various bags etc. By attaching this high-performance headlamp to the shoulder belt or bag body, it ensures the visibility of the foot, enhancing the night's safety and visibility, and the bag is made higher. Also equipped with a pocket that combines the lantern shade function in the front of the front storage space. Head lamps can be suspended and used like lanterns.

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