Oxford Shirt - Indigo Light


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Size 3 (L)

When you think of classic button-down shirts, you think of famous brands like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers. UES tried to differentiate itself from those brands in three ways: First is the shade. One of the two colors is a light sax blue shade, using rope-dyed indigo yarn for the warp to take advantage of the strengths of the denim brand. The other color is a simple and natural ecru. A typical button-down shirt is mostly white. But UES expresses the uniqueness of a workwear brand in shades. The second is the adoption of unevenly shaped threads. Generally, button-down shirts that are designed to look beautiful never use uneven threads, but UES dared to use natural uneven threads. As a result, we were able to give the fabric a unique look. The last is the thickness of the fabric. We are researching the other brand’s fabrics as a benchmark, adjusting the thickness of the warp and weft, and making it one rank higher than them. We repeated trial and error in making the fabric, such as twisting threads of different counts.

The products of"UES" are made by using old style shuttle looms and old type dyes to add a more personal touch to our products.
Please understand a little uneven fabric,nep,a flaw in weaving,uneven dye as a characteristic of our products.

*Josh is wearing a size 5*

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