"Picked from Paradise" Bandana

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Abby's design for our Tropical Collection is so good you can almost taste it! With a brightly colored bouquet of tropical fruits, we're instantly transported to a beachside stand in Playa Del Carmen, Abby's favorite tropical location. Just imagine -- your bandana blowing in the ocean breeze as you stroll along the water, sipping a freshly blended smoothie (or something stronger) as a distant rhythm plays. There's just something about fruit in a tropical location that hits a little different.

"Picked From Paradise" also brilliantly highlights Abby's choice of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation as the charity that her design will give back to. This beautiful bandana pays tribute to their mission (more in the Charity section below) and keeps the warm, tropical vibes going on multiple levels. Tie on this design to bring a little taste of the Tropics wherever your next adventure takes you!

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