The main body material is made from a CORDURA® brand fabric, with two 210d 66 nylon threads twisted and woven vertically and horizontally to create MASTERTEX-07, an original fabric with excellent durability and robustness.The front surface of the fabric is water repellent, and the back surface is laminated with a special breathable waterproof L-Vent® film, and the three-layer structure with tricot nylon bonded to it has a waterproof function with a water pressure resistance of 20,000 mm.The original fabrics MASTERTEX-04, 05, 06 are combined throughout the series. Additionally features waterproof tanned leather, and the base material is INVISTA's 1680D Cordura Varistec® nylon, which has about 5 times the wear, tear strength and durability of normal nylon. PVC processing on the rear-side further improves strength and waterproofness.The shoulder harness is equipped with an original mechanism called "m-strap" that reduces the weight of luggage. Outlast®, a temperature control material developed for NASA, is used in the cushioned parts that touch the body.The buckle, which is a design point of the series, adopts a new higher strength design. In terms of design, Potential is the flagship series of master-piece. This season sees a number of updates in terms of functionality such as materials and storage that have been added with the city environment in mind.

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