The Flat Head

The Flat Head 14.5oz 3009 Tapered Straight

$295 $315


・ Unsanforized- please size up one and we recommend enjoying a hot soak with them on your body  

・ 14.5oz denim (old-fashioned shuttle loom)
・ Tapered model with a slightly shallow rise
・ Iron button fly
・ Original copper rivet
・ Iron hidden rivet
・ Leather patch (deer leather)
・ Pocket part: Single stitch
・ Back pocket part: Cotton thread  
     color: Blue

Straight jeans with a gentle taper

Straight type with a gentle taper, with a silhouette that you can wear neatly without any looseness around the shin.

14.5oz denim fabric

An original fabric that creates a unique vertical drop that is the charm of flat head denim.
The original denim fabric, which was created by studying from the dyeing of threads, allows you to fully enjoy the aging and discoloration when you wear it.



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