TNK101BE - 14oz "ZETTO" Selvedge Regular Straight - Indigo OW

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Size 29

The 14oz "ZETTO" selvedge is their signature denim

Crafted from Zetto fabric, this denim is inspired by a fabric texture and dye from about 15 years ago. The current Zetto fabric represents an enhancement over its original version. It is meticulously produced on the same shuttle loom that created the initial fabric, making it the sole producer of this refined material. Due to this, the fabric output is highly restricted. Texan cotton serves as the ideal foundation for its uneven surface. This cotton is notably coarse but softens with time, unlike many other fibers. The yarns undergo rope-dyeing with six dips in pure indigo, each being slightly quicker to achieve a slightly lighter blue hue, allowing the weft to be visible on the surface. The yellowish ecru weft introduces a charming vintage sepia tone and texture to the fabric.

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