Traveling Shirt - denim


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Size 3 - L


High-density denim by UES. It is a fabric completed with months of trials and errors, in order to produce the firmness and elasticity of the fabric that will not weaken even after many years, with the twill denim structure.
The durable material inspired in the basis of 'making things that can be used to the end with affection' was completed, and from there, we were able to picture the complete form of the product as a traveler shirt.The Traveler Shirt. All are dyed in advance and use sulfur dyes that can be enjoyed by discoloration. Using a powerful shuttle loom, weft threads are driven in to create a high-density fabric of over 9oz. The details are similar to the denim and hickory traveler shirts. From this time, the specification of the space for writing the itinerary in the inner chest pocket has been changed to a printed tag.

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